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When You'll Grow Up

“When You’ll Grow Up” is a poignant reflection on the passage of time and the bittersweet changes that come with it.


The song begins by addressing a child who is currently loved unconditionally. The song makes you wonders if this love will remain the same as the child grows up. The lines “When you’ll grow up will you love me like you do now?” express the longing for that innocent, unwavering affection.


The song asks whether they will still be seen as a superhero by the child. Will they continue to be the one who heals wounds and provides comfort? It reflects the universal desire of parents to remain heroes in their children’s eyes, even as life changes. It acknowledges that growing up is inevitable. The child will face the world, and the parent will grow old. The singer grapples with the fear of being left behind, wondering if the child will still be there when they need someone to hold.


The song touches on various emotional moments: holding, whispering love, wiping tears, and feeling pain together. It captures the essence of deep connections and the vulnerability of love across different stages of life. Acceptance and Longing: The singer wishes the child could stay as they are now, cradled in their arms. However, he understands that growth is necessary. The longing for continuity and the acceptance of change create a poignant contrast.


In summary, “When You’ll Grow Up” celebrates the precious moments shared between parent and child while acknowledging the passage of time. The heartfelt lyrics resonate with anyone who has experienced the complexities of love and parenthood.

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When You'll Grow Up - Lyrics

Singer/Songwriter/Composer - Nikhil Gangavane

Recording Engineer - Ishaan Devasthali

When you'll grow up will you love me like you do now?
And believe in everything I say or do
Will I still be your super hero?
Will you ask me to heal your wounds?
Or will I just be a dull old person who bothers you?

When you'll grow up will you hold me like you do now?
And whisper how much you love me in my ears
Will I still be your only best friend?
Will my secrets be safe with you?
Or will I just be like someone else who's lovin' you?

I wish you could stay like you are now
So I could cradle you in my arms
But I know you have to grow up strong
and face the world around
Soon you'll be busy with your life
And I'll be growing old
But will you be there when I need somebody to hold?

When you'll grow up will you touch me like you do now?
And feel my pain when I am sad or blue
Will you hold my face in your hands?
Will you wipe off all my tears?
Or will you turn away and ignore my cries for you?

When you'll grow up will you kiss me like you do now?
Will I still see pure innocence in your eyes
When I am gone away will you long for me?
Will you run to me when I'm home?
Or will you get too busy and leave me on my own?

When you'll grow up will leave me all alone?

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