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Can Live My Life Without You

If you ever have been in a break-up and you love to groove on disco, retro disco or NU Disco this song is for you!

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Can Live My Life Without You - Lyrics

Singer/Songwriter/Composer - Nikhil Gangavane

Recording Engineer - Ishaan Devasthali

This loneliness might be killing me
But my heart was breaking up
You tried to shred my soul apart
But you weren’t strong enough
The promises you made were lies
You thought you would get me lost
You turned me down playing your dirty games
You never knew where to stop

Had to let you go
You’ve always made me cry
You kept hurting me more
Didn't let me ask you why?
When you left me alone
I kept walking my dreams n’ desires
So I can live my life
Without you by my side

To save your face you always smear my name
Tryin' to fool the world with your lies
Your heart is full of unending greed
It shows in your lying eyes
But you just go on with your selfish ways
You're never known to be wise
You make your moves with such innocent face
But many see your false disguise

Every time you hurt me
I could see you smile
I knew you love someone else
And you are no longer mine
But its time you believe
I can get you off my mind
and I can live my life
Without you by my side

Gone are the days of your fairytale
When you used to rule and I was your slave
My sacrifices have been all in vain
You never cared for me and left me in this pain
Left me in this pain

No you won't hurt me more
With that sad word called goodbye
I don’t care anymore
Of anything that you decide
Gotta walk away
Cuz' my love for you has died
Yes I can live my life
Without you by my side

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