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Say I Love You

A Love Song... A Proposal.. A patient wait for a positive response.



Say I Love You - Lyrics

Singer/Songwriter/Composer - Nikhil Gangavane

Recording Engineer - Ishaan Devasthali

Once I was a soul so lost just drifting my way through
The sea of faces known to me but none I felt close to
Life was like an empty dream that sped by really fast
Holding on my empty heart I wondered how I'll last

But then you came shining like a ray of hope
Warm like the summer breeze but in my path I froze
Couldn't take my eyes off you
Was blinded by your glow
Was the first time I ever fell in love

God has created you so perfectly
Did he also fall in love with you?
You're like a fairy with some magic touch
And I am like a child in awe of you
Only you can make my dreams come true
Please hold me close and say I love you

When nobody's trusting me and I've to fight my fears
If you're standing close to me I don't need any prayers
I will win the world for you and anything I'll dare
Whenever you will call for me I'll always be right there

You'll always be my guiding star
No matter where we roam
As long as your hand's in mine
The whole world's like our home
Yeah I need nobody else
No thing I want to own
If I can have you here in my arms

God has created you so perfectly
I can't stop myself from loving you
You're the only one who healed my lonely heart
To make you mine just tell me what to do
Kiss me now and make my dreams come true
Please hold me close and say I love you

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