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No Homework

No Homework is a humorous and catchy song about a student who hates homework and school. The song describes the student’s daily struggles with waking up, going to school, doing homework, and dealing with teachers. The song also expresses the student’s wish to have more fun and freedom in life. 



Lead Vocals - Aum Gangavane & Nikhil Gangavane

Songwriter/Composer/Producer - Nikhil Gangavane

Mixing & Mastering : Ishaan Devasthali

Vocals Recording : TSM Studio

Vocals Recording Engineers : Abhijeet Ranade & Prasad Pawar

Chorus & Featuring - Aarav Deshpande, Aarav Kate, Aarnav Joshi, Aashay Kulkarni, Anay Joglekar, Asavari Karlekar, Harshit Surana, Jay Sarmukadam, Medhansh Mhankale, Ovee Shevade, Rahee Joshi, Shamika Sama, Swara Deshpande & Viraj Patki


Wake up and get to brush

Then all this breakfast fuss

Run to school bus

I hate this morning rush


I've been sleeping so far

So my head banged on the bar

Forgot I'm not in a car

Now all I see is stars and dreamin'


Teacher's on holiday

It will fun today

All I will do is play

Let this come true I pray


There'll be no classwork

Surely no homework

Just go to home and play

This is the best day


There'll be no homework

I don't like home work

I want more time to play

and not some homework


Buses reach to the school

Where there is fun but lots of rules

There are kids who can be cruel

But no worries... I'm playin' cool


Shhh Be silent in the class

Teacher's shouting at us

Solving math is a must

Or your brain will start to rust

Don't run in corridors

Don't bang the classroom doors

Don't litter on the floors

I'll listen to everything


But don't give homework

I don't like homework

I go to home to play

And not do homework


Please do your homework (No)

You've got your homework (I know)

No time to play today (What?)

So much of homework


No no no homework

I don't like homework

Let me play with my friends

Before my homework



Now please don't whine

Just Walk in a line

You will reach home on time

Now that's a good sign


Reached home

I am in a shock

My devices are locked

What is this all about?

Dad did this I've no doubt... Baba!


I want to play my games

There are some scores I aim

Why are these days the same?

With so much home work!


If there is homework (Hmm)

First you'll do homework (Aww)

You'll get no screen time if

You don't do home work


No please no homework

Don't tell me homework

Let me have fun today

I don't want homework


But there is home work (hmm)

Lots of home work (yeah)

You'll have to do it now (no)

First do your homework


No homework

No boring stuff today

No homework

I want all day to play




This ain't a fight

Though what you say is right

With burdens I go wild

Please understand this child

I just don't like this rat race

All these pressures I face

Instead of facing all your rage

Let me just live my age

You've heard this song of mine

I hope I sounded fine

If you have liked this rhyme

Sing with me one more time

4 3 2 1


We don't want homework

Please no more homework

We want some free time

Not so much home work


Please do your homework (C'mon)

You've got your homework (I know)

No time to play today (What?)

So much of homework


No No No homework

No boring stuff today

Surely not homework

We want all day to play


Now do your homework (No)

First do your homework (Please)

There is no choice you've got (arrrghhh)

Except for homework


No way no homework

We don't want homework

We're going out to play

And not do homework

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