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You'll Always Live in Memories

“You’ll Always Live in Memories” is a poignant tribute to those we have lost. It’s described as a dirge or requiem, which are musical compositions that honor the memory of someone who has passed away. The song serves as a remembrance for loved ones who are no longer with us but continue to live on in our memories.

The lyrics of the song reflect a deep sense of loss and longing, as well as a celebration of the life and impact of the departed. The song is a way to remember and honor the departed, acknowledging the void they’ve left behind. It expresses the pain of losing someone and the deafening silence their absence brings. Despite the loss, the song celebrates the love, lessons, and memories that the departed have left behind. It offers comfort in the thought that while the loved one is gone, the memories shared will always remain. Overall, “You’ll Always Live in Memories” is a heartfelt expression of missing someone deeply and keeping their memory alive through the love and moments shared. It’s a universal message that resonates with anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one.

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You'll Always Live in Memories - Lyrics

Singer/Songwriter/Composer - Nikhil Gangavane

Recording Engineer - Ishaan Devasthali

This strange silence is deafening me
Its darkness that’s all I can see
Why did you have to leave us all alone?

You could have stayed for some more time
Does God have to be so unkind?
Without you our world doesn’t seem to move

Looking back I feel so sad
Missing the blessed times we all had
I wish-I-could turn back the time
Just for some moments with you
So I could say that I’m sorry
For the times that I was wrong
And also thank you for your love n' care
That I'll miss forever

Now no day seems like it was before
All our dreams are washed ashore
Is there a way to still help them come true?

You aren't there to heed my call
Your hands won't catch me when I fall
No one to scold me when I'm going wrong

Though you've traveled so far
I still feel you deep in my heart
That filled with your selfless love and all the lessons you taught
I can still feel you around me
Making me walk the righteous path
But the pure warmth of your touch is... forever lost

I don't know for real if there's a heaven or hell
Where to find you again is there a way God could tell
Your arms were the safest place that I ever knew
I would walk whichever path that would lead me to you

In all my struggles old and new
Your love and blessings pushed me through
But now you won't be there when I'm to shine

So I've learnt this lesson hard somehow
I'll never take life for granted now
I wish I could give you more when there was time

I know I'm wishing in vain and you're forever gone..
No one can bring you back alive again
I guess... not even God

But you'll always live in memories which will never die

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