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I'll Need You

“I’ll Need You” is a heartfelt expression of love and devotion. The lyrics convey a deep emotional connection and the importance of a significant other in the singer’s life. It speaks about the need for the loved one’s presence, describing how the singer is incomplete without them. The song emphasizes the joy and light the loved one brings into the singer’s world, and the desire to never be alone. It’s a declaration of love that promises lifelong companionship and support.


The lyrics mention crying the other’s tears and sharing their pain, indicating a deep level of empathy and support. The loved one is described as filling the singer’s world with joy, highlighting the positive impact they have on the singer’s life. The repeated line “I’ll need you” underscores the singer’s reliance on their partner, not just as a desire but as a necessity. The song includes promises of happiness, fidelity, and a pledge to always make the loved one smile. The song is a beautiful tribute to love, reflecting the singer’s commitment and the irreplaceable role of the loved one in their life. It’s about needing someone so profoundly that their very presence becomes an integral part of one’s existence.

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I'll Need You - Lyrics

Singer/Songwriter/Composer - Nikhil Gangavane

Recording Engineer - Ishaan Devasthali

I cried your tears
And shared the pain
You fill my world with joy
But it's hard to explain
What I feel f or you
Girl I can't walk without you

My world lights up
In your twinkling eyes
If you close them
I'm sure I'll go blind
Can you hear me now?
I can't live without you

Can't you see how much I need you
Every time I watch that sun go down
Can't you feel how much I Love you
It's only your love that I want to drown in
When the skies are raining stars all night
I need you in my arms to feel alright
Don't wanna be alone in this world so blue
Yeah all my life.. I'll Need You

There ain't no place I wanna be
All the time... everywhere I want you with me
Please be by my side
I can't stand strong without you

I’ll come anywhere if you hold my hand
No matter where you’ll lead I’ll just understand
Can't you see it now?
I’ll be so lost without you

Can't you see how much I need you
Every time you see me all alone
Can't you feel how much I love you
Every time you hear me sing my songs
All I need is your love and nothing more
It’s been the only thing I've been waiting for
Please believe me for all I say is true
Yeah all my life.. I'll need you

Deep in my heart if you'll ever peek
Its only yourself whom you will see
You're my only passion
The truth of my life
You're my ultimate destiny

I'll keep you happy all your life
I'll never cheat
or ever make you cry
You should know by now
I'm just incomplete without you

Can't you see how much I love you
Every time I look into your eyes
Can't you feel how much I need you
When we walk beneath the clear blue skies
And there's one thing I will promise girl
You'll be my only love You're my whole world
To make you smile there's nothing I won't do
Yeah all my life... I'll need you
I'll Need You

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