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It all started with weird dreams in childhood which I understood to be intuitions later. When what I said used to happen in my teens I feared a misuse. When I could communicate and heal I started understanding its a responsibility. One thing I understood is that the whole universe is wired and I am here with a purpose. The name TheFinalMiracle™ was a common term used by people whom I counselled over years to refer me. Since I never intended to make a business out of my blessings I started using it for my professional ventures like photography. Reaching here after studing Astrology, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Numerology only to understand that we all work on some basic energies.... call it God or call it Nature... it exists. And we all are capable to make miracles happen.

I was hesitant to be here publicly but then just like a time stopped me from being here a time has got me back here. I am here to help...

My Life Stories are limitless... they will come out in the form of a book soon... till then I will only be sharing my own thoughts, some thoughts of others I like and ofcourse to interact with those who need help and healing. I believe in God and not religions... If I have to believe in religions I believe in all of them. For me its good to believe that there is a force common amongst us just like the OXYGEN we all breathe. I call that God. I know his complexities too and thats how I can manipulate the system when needed.... but there is a catch.... I am a doctor who cannot operate on himself. I can only be prepared for what I know is coming!

Message your queries on the facebook page given below... I will respond at the right time!

TheFinalMiracle™ has happened!

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