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The Michael Jackson Anthem released Worldwide


21nd July 2020 - Pune, Maharashtra :

Seventeen years ago (2003) my idol Michael Jackson was surrounded with false allegations. I was visibly disturbed by this turn of event which compelled me to write a song called "The Michael Jackson Anthem". It was the first celebrity support anthem ever made. The song was made with bare minimum budget & within two days. Lyrics for the song & its composition was done in these 48 hours with few genuine MJ fans in the chorus. The recording of this song was not in the best of the quality nor in sound sampling. But, it had strong release meant for a supporting Michael Jackson and it was downloaded by more than 1 Million Michael Jackson fans back then. The media took notice and made me and the song more famous, not to mention Michael Jackson who himself took notice and that's how The Official Michael Jackson Indian Fan Club got authenticated and I was able to reach the best people in music industry.

After a long break in music, I am making a comeback!

I am starting with The Michael Jackson Anthem as a good luck from my idol and mentor who helped me in many ways in his life and death. My next songs are not at all like this song, so don't judge me or my music from the sound of this anthem (which is more about purpose, lyrics than the music).

Now, this song has been finally released for streaming and downloading on all leading music apps. I will try my best to bring out my best music in coming time. Initially my songs will be in English. one knows how the market can be.

Whatever music app you might be using please follow me by clicking the appropriate link below. Your support is very crucial in this resurrection phase of my music career. Thank you.

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