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I was planning to make this part of my website since many years but I needed more research. There already are plenty of websites about plagiarized work, I wanted to make it a bit different and more presentable. I started searching for the originals of copied songs not for being a nuisance factor to the greats who have copied work, but rather to be more aware as a listener about music in general.

Many of the copied/inspired songs listed here are my own favorites. Some of them I like more than their originals. The reason I have mostly used the term "inspired by" than word "copied" is for keeping some respect for the music directors who were inspired by the originals and sometimes copied song blantly.


Many artists worldwide make cover versions of a song previously released. To do that they properly credit the original artist and also share their loyalty or pay license fees to the original artist. Even if a rapper or any musician samples a small part of an already published song, they also credit the original creator publicly and give the associated license fees for using that small part of the original song.

The songs listed here are different though. All the composers who copied music or music publishers who published this music neither cared to credit the original songs and their artists, nor did they pay any associated license fees. Thats why it’s called Plagiarism (“Presenting work or ideas from another source as your own, with or without consent of the original author, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgement.”) It’s an unethical practice and is not to be ignored. 

Also, lesser-known fact to many makes me feel bad for the artists who copied the originals. In Indian Cinema or mainly Bollywood, the music director was often forced and pressured by an actor, director or producer to replicate a song that they liked. In most of the cases it was not the music director who actually chose to do that.

Gumnaam Hai Koi
If its Tuesday
Aa Dekhe Jara
Dil Tadap Tadap
Gumnaam Hai Koi
Babuji Dheere Chalna
Jeevan Ke Safar Mein Raahi
Gore Gore
Dil Deke Dekho
Kyon Hai Deewane Tu Akela
Kaun Hai Jo Sapano Mein
Jab Koi Baat
Inteha Ho Gayi
Karz Tune - Ek Hasina Thi
If its Tuesday
If its Tuesday
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